Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Halloween

Ok, these are a bit late. I was planning on posting them earlier but never did... And since I have a goal of posting once a week and I haven't thought of much else to write about.... so this is what you get.

We dressed up for a family party the weekend before Halloween and then never ended up do anything on Halloween. We had a busy day and decided for a quiet evening at home. The costumes were simple and I was able to sew them in just a few hours.

my little lady bug

My puppy dog. Heber picked out what he wanted to be and was so excited about his doggy costume. 
His favorite part was the tail. He kept says "I have a tail, and Angle (my parent's dog) has a tail too"

This week I have been baking lots of yummy food and trying to take a slower pace. My house -especially the kitchen- is a huge mess but who cares really. I am doing what I want to do and not worrying about the rest. This weekend I hope to get Eeva's knitted dress done and start a sewing project for her birthday. I can't believe this little angle is almost 1. She is very close to walking and is starting to say a few words. How did she get so big so fast?

What are your plans for the weekend? Does anyone know how to get it so my pictures don't have a border? I have tried editing the HTML to say border=none but it is still there.

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jen madsen said...

I love Eeva with her lady bug costume and Heber as a puppy dog. Too cute! It's great when you can do your own thing. At your own pace, especially. I like the border on the pictures.

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