Wednesday, April 20, 2011

we can fly, we can fly

It is slowly slowly getting warmer and we have been enjoying the trampoline at my parents house. Now if only we would get real spring. I am so ready for warmer weather. I think it will be somewhat nice today but until we get real spring we can at least pretend.

Sorry about the less then great photos, I am still figuring out our camera. Someday I hope to take lots of good photos but I have a long long ways to go. They are fun anyway right?

I love this one!

While we are waiting for real spring and my ability to take pictures to improve, we can at least practice our flying.

Ben: The up and down, flap your wings style

 Heber: The around and around style

Eeva: Still needs some work getting off the ground.

Hope you have a happy spring day!


jen madsen said...

love it! I remember jumping on that trampoline. your kids are so cute.

J A C Q U E L I N E said...

I love the photo is motion! Great pictures you are good! Congrats on the win on MADE!

Janice said...

Jacqueline, thanks for stopping by! You are the first person I have had leave me a comment that wasn't a family member. It's quite exciting. The crocheted shoes you make a really lovely.

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