Friday, April 20, 2012

Heber Says

Heber has been such a funny boy lately. I love to hear what this boy is thinking.

Today he told me he thought we should sell our chickens so that we could get a different pet. He wanted to go to the pet store so he could look into what new pet we should get. I explained to him that I liked having our chickens because they were useful and gave us eggs. Our conversations went something like this:

me: Maybe we should get a goat so that we could get milk
Heber: Or maybe we could get a cow and then we wouldn't have to go to the store and get cow milk
me: Cows are big though and eat a lot of food
Heber: But cows like to eat carrots and grass, we have lots of carrots and grass our cow could eat.
me: Well if you want to cow milk to taste good you have to feed the cow good dairy hay.
Heber: (after thinking about this for a while) Oh I know the best idea. We could get a horse and then I could get a riding satellite (saddle) and ride it all over the place like gallop and trot. Then if we fed the horse good food then we could milk the horse and also have lots of milk to drink. That would be awesome.

Uh yah. I think we should get a horse to ride and milk.

Some other funny conversations I have had with Heber lately

 Heber: Mom, I'm really supper strong. What if I could life up you and Dad? What if I was so strong I could lift up our whole entire house even?
Me: That would be pretty strong.
Heber: Yah I would even be stronger than no one.
Me:  Yep definitely stronger than no one.
Heber: That would be totally awesome.

Heber has been learning a lot about animals lately and likes telling me the new animal facts he has learned. The other day we were talking about what animals we liked.

Eeva: Mom do you like Kitty cats?
Me: Yes
Eeva: Do you like Dogs?
Me: not really
Heber: What about lions and bears and cheetos?
Me: Uh, you mean cheetas?
Heber: Cheeto is short for Cheeta.
Me: No it's not. The animal your thinking of is called a cheeta
Heber: Cheetos can run really really fast. What if there were 100 cheetos in our house? That would be awesome!
Ben: Mmmm. Cheetos.

It is so fun remembering the silly things kids say. I need to write them down more often.


Deva Woods said...

I love it!!

Charity Browning said...

haha my favorite is Ben's comment on the end

Cait said...

Ohhhh Heber....

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