Tuesday, August 10, 2010

These kids

are a gift from God. They teach me more every day.

Yesterday I was feeling really grumpy and irritated... this seems to be a very common theme in my life for the last several weeks. I have no idea why really but I wish I could just cut it out already. Well Yesterday I was feel very irritated with Heber (napless sleep deprived 2-year-old can make you feel that way I guess). He was crying and fussing about something and I had had enough. I picked him up and took him to the couch where I held him while we both cried. I closed my eyes to say a little prayer for help. Heber asked "what you doin' mom?" So I explained that I was saying a prayer in my head to ask Heavenly Father to help me to be patient and kind and to be happy. I was asking for help to be a better mom.

Later in the evening while I was getting the kids ready for bed Heber asks "Jesus loves you mom? He helps you to be happy? He helps you be a better mom?" Yes, He does. "You happy mommy?" I'm trying to be. "Ok, I gotta get my globes (gloves) on. I'm going to work. Bye, I love you, I'll be back soon."  I love you too. Wait, come back here, it's time for bed.

Oh joy, please go to sleep. He then proceeded to stay up until midnight while I finished canning the jam. In his defense though, he took a nap from 4-9pm. He is right in between needing a nap and not so we keep getting these crazy sleep schedules. I am not one for schedules and I sleep when I'm tired and eat when I'm hungry. My kids do the same.

I do love these kids. I hate when I am always feeling so irritated and impatient with them. I say I hate it when I can't get anything done and the kids need me all the time. I am going to try to stop all of this negativity and grumpiness. I am trying to be more Christlike in my mothering. I am trying to be more gentle. These little ones have such sweet spirits.

Eeva eating avocados. This girl loved to eat by her self.

I would like to write my ideas and thoughts on gentle parenting and Christlike love but I am having a hard time gathering what I want to say... so someday in another post. Until then, here are some cute pictures of the kids. I was trying to get Heber to stand next to Eeva for a nice picture but he was being too silly.  I set Eeva in the crib for a bit and she pulled herself up to standing. She was quite happy about it too.

I told Heber to just stand by Eeva and do a nice face and he said "I won't."

Fine then I'll just take Eeva's picture.
"Ok, ok I will"

 After this one I just gave up on trying to get a nice picture of the two of them. 
At lest I got a lot of funny silly ones.


jen madsen said...

love these pictures of Heber and Eeva. Your kids are too cute and i love seeing there personality's coming out. I don't stick to a schedule either with my kids. well i try to stick to one for the most part. it doesn't always work. I can be grumpy with my kids too. I just have to remind my self on somedays when there making me kinda crazy to think they won't be young forever. already there growing up so fast and i need to treasure all those precious moments.

Janice said...

Thanks Jen. It's hard to remember to treasure the moments when everything is so crazy. But they do grow up way too fast and I am going to miss lots of things about them being little. After writing this post it occurred to me- Tired grumpy 2 year old = tired grumpy momma. Maybe I am so grumpy because no one is getting good sleep. The past few days I have made Heber stay up and not take a late nap. He is then ready for bed around 8 or 9 and will sleep until 9 in the morning. It has been much better but I can't plan to do anything in the evening except try to keep a tired boy happy and awake.

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