Thursday, August 5, 2010

not much

Not much going on around here. ... at least not much in the way of blogging. I want to write stuff but I feel like I need interesting pictures to go along with it and I haven't got any. I need to take more pictures. While I haven't been taking pictures, I have been:

  • Loving my babies (Even though he is 2 1/2, I still count Heber as a baby... probably will always consider my children my babies) and trying not to feel too grumpy or irritated when they need me all the time. Trying not to yell at them when I am feeling grumpy. Trying to give extra hugs and kisses when they cry when I leave for work. I hate when they cry, it makes it too hard to leave.
  • Picking food from the garden, lots of it. There is something so extremely satisfying about making a meal that consists (almost) entirely of food that came from your yard. I can't get over that feeling! We have been harvesting:
    • Raspberries, strawberries (only a few as the birds get them before we do), zucchini (lots and lots), peas, cucumbers, basil, green onions, bell peppers, some other kind of pepper that was supposed to be hot peppers for salsa but isn't, lettuce, spinach, green beans, and eggs from our chickens although not many. We are anxiously waiting for corn, potatoes, winter squash, and tomatoes especially. * picture here lots of beautiful pictures of stuff from our garden 
    • I need to plant new lettuce and spinach as well as some cilantro for salsa
    • Getting food from the garden really is exciting. I am sure it is something we will always be doing. I am working on canning and preserving our food for the winter. I have dried some zucchini to use in soups and casseroles, we eat it almost every meal, and I have made a lot of zucchini bread (I will probably also freeze some to make zucchini bread later) but does anyone know what else to do with the stuff? Also I am trying to find a good recipe for dill pickles, one that stays crunchy.
  • Working on the house, cleaning, organizing, fixing, and moving stuff. Ok I haven't been doing much of this but Ben sure has. He has also been great at washing the dishes. We are trying to get it ready so that we can rent out the upstairs as a separate apartment.
  • Reading interesting things about food, real food. It is making me even more determined to grow and make more food for ourselves. 
  • Writing my babies birth stories and try to decide what to post or not

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Anonymous said...

My neighbor made some zuchini that's just like crushed pineapple... Seriously, couldn't tell the difference. If you'd like the recipe, I'll get it from her or maybe you could find one online.

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