Saturday, May 7, 2011

Real chocolate filled eggs

The week before Easter, I came upon instructions for making chocolate filled eggs here.

I decided that it was exactly what I wanted to make for the Easter egg hunt. I got inspiration from the post linked above and made my own version of filled chocolate eggs.

They were so much fun (and very messy) to make and I think they were a big hit. I will probably make them (or some version of this) every year.
The eggs were from our chickens. Insides were carefully blown out (and used for scrambled eggs). Shells were washed, b

In other news...

*Ben is finished with school for the semester. I am so very excited for summer!!

*We are leaving on vacation next weekend and have yet to decide for sure what we are going to do. Our original road trip plans have been put on hold due to a little girl who refuses to be in her car seat for more than an hour without screaming.

But really, who can say no to this? She is awfully cute even when she is pouting, just not screaming.

* We are working on planting the garden. So far we have onions and potatoes in the ground. I am hoping to get lettuce, spinach, peas, and broccoli planted before we leave next week.  I also need to move some raspberries to a new row and get some blackberry starts from Ben's brother (Jim, can we get them in the next few weeks when we are down?). Oh there is always so much to do!

Wishing every one (all 4 readers here) a wonderful weekend.

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