Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Potty training....

... is an interesting journey. I feel like that's all we talk about and do all day long. 
I hope we get there someday soon.

Here are some other pictures I wanted to share:

This was a few months After Eeva was born. Heber has Eeva's binky in upside down and it is just funny to see as he hasn't used one in a very long time

Eeva's silly faces

Naked Heber, Snow suit Eeva. I don't remember why but I thought it was funny.


Anonymous said...

There's a book called pottywise... Most of my friends use it. I think the boys just gotta wanna.

Janice said...

I defiantly agree that they just gotta wanna. We were trying earlier but it the boy won't sit on the toilet there isn't much you can do. This are going much better now though.

With all respect, about the Pottywise book: I would be quite cautious about reading this book because it is written by Gary Ezzo who also wrote "Babywise." While I have not read this book, many things that I have heard and read about it make me concerned and suspicious about what it teaches. From what I know, it isn't something that I agree with at all and the philosophies and parenting approaches go against what I believe. I know I am probably make an unfair judgment since I have not read "Babywise" but Here are some things that I have read think are quite scary. It is enough to make me not what to have anything to do with "Babywise" or associated books:





Any other thoughts? ... Maybe I will put this in a blog post

Janice said...

I thought there was a way to edit your own comments. There should be because there are so many typos and poor wording in my comment above

jen madsen said...

cute pictures! It's always a glorious day when your kids get potty trained. Mother's know there own child the best. So what works for one parent and child will not always work for the next.

Sarah said...

Potty training is a pain. I really need to try with Lauren, but I am totally not up to it right now. I was thinking that maybe when the other kids start school in the fall. Your kids are getting so big! Cute!

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