Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We have been having a lot of fun at some recent family reunions:

1st was the Browning reunion in Teton Valley. It included visiting with family, eating yummy food, playing with cousins words of wisdom and stories from grandma and grandpa, swimming at Green Canyon hot springs, playing games, playing in the sand box, lots of mosquito bites, and a hike to the wind caves.

Heber had so much fun with this little cousin who is about a month older then he is. 
Heber kept giving him lots of hugs and walking around hand in hand. It was so cute.

Heber got a bug bite on his eye and when he woke up in the morning he said "Ahh, my eye can't open." 
He also had several bites on his neck and all over his face.

Next up was the Madsen family trip to the Sawtooth mountains. We stayed at the cabin creek cabins by lake Alturas. It included diving the scenic way over a dirt road on a mountainous pass, visiting with family, eating lots of yummy food, playing with cousins, swimming in some natural hot springs, playing games, playing in the sand by the lake, lots of mosquito bites, swimming and playing around on the lake, visiting an old gold dredge and ghost town, panning for gold, seeing the fish hatchery, and a crazy long hike/canoe trip that Ben went on while the kids and I stayed and play with cousins more.

These silly boys jumped on the beds singing "whos afraid of the big bad wolf"

Soaking in the hot springs. Later in the week we found a much better soaking pot but didn't get any pictures. 

At the gold dredge. If you look close in these pictures you can see Heber's misshapen face from swollen mosquito bites.

panning for gold

If you asked Heber what he was doing he will say "I'm doin my chainsaw." 
All of his cousins decided to follow Heber and copy what he was doing. It was great fun.

The following pictures are from Ben's hike up to Cramer lakes. 
First they canoed across Red Fish Lake (5 miles). Then they hiked up to the lakes (it was 7 miles up to the highest lake). When they got to the top they jumped into the lake from the cliff by the waterfall and hiked back down (running part of the way to avoid many miskitos). It was a total of 24 miles. They left at 7 in the morning and were back in time for dinner. I am pretty impressed and am sure that I could not have made it

Lastly was the Trapnell reunion. Ben wasn't able to get off work so we just went up for Saturday. It was at Heber Valley Camp. This reunion included visiting with family, playing with cousins, a high ropes challenge course with a zip line, playing with cousins, playing in the sand box, paddling on the lake (but no swimming, splashing, standing, wading or anything else as it was against the rules at the camp). I wasn't in the mood for taking pictures so sadly, we don't have many at the reunion. After the reunion we stayed Sunday and went for a hike at sunset at Alta ski resort up to a lake. We didn't swim or play in the lake but it was beautiful. We threw rocks in the water and looked at the tadpoles turning into mud puppies. There were mosquitos but I think we survived the weekend with surprisingly few bites

These trips all seem to have a similar tone: family, food, fun, games, cousins, sand, lake, hiking. Upcoming this weekend: Madsen annual pool party. We will swim in the pool, eat lots of yummy food, visit with family, and play with cousins. I'm sure Heber would love to play in another sand box if there were one and maybe we will go on a hike to keep on track with our other trips. It has been a great summer and we have had a lot of fun and there is still more fun to come.

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