Friday, September 3, 2010

Canning Talley

I have been doing some canning and wanted to make a list of what I have done. I was hoping to keep track of amounts but I'm not that organized and I am too lazy to go count the jars that we have from this year. I love to preserve our own food! I think I have mentioned this before but is it just so extremely satisfying to me. This is mostly for me but a blog seems like a good place to keep track of things like this. What I have done so far:

Jams- Strawberry, raspberry, raspberry peach, apricot and possibly a few other combinations.
Green beans
Green chili peppers
Pickles- Dill, Bread and Butter
Apricot Puree
Green Enchilada Sauce

Green beans
Jam- Strawberry, and 1 other combo (I already forgot what it was)
peppers- bell and chili
strawberries (I froze them in the spring and we have already gone through all of them in fruit smoothies, I really need to finds some more strawberries soon)

Fruit Leather- appricot and banana

Things that I will be doing soon:
Peaches - bottled, jam, puree, fruit leather, frozen
Pears - bottled, dried (dried is so so good!)
Apples- sauce, juice, dried and maybe pie filling
Tomatoes- salsa, soup, sauce, dried, and anything else I can think of to do with tomatoes
Plums- fruit leather, jam
Blackberries- jam
Veggie Soup of some sort (I need to figure this one out still)
Winter squash- bottled, frozen 

This winter I plan on bottling a bunch of dry beans. I am excited to have the convenience of having these ready make with out the preservative and $$ of buying them in the can. I think I will also try making re-fried beans.

When ever we pick some of our broccoli Heber wants us to take his picture while holding it. He is such a funny boy. The broccoli we have grown is so tasty but we have had mixed results. Some of it has been perfectly good with no bugs at all but another plant had so many bugs we couldn't eat it. Strange indeed.

I love having yummy food without strange ingredients and saving money. The exchange is a lot of work. I mostly enjoy it though. The exception to that is the end of September when it feels like I have been canning non-stop for weeks and weeks. I am sick of canning by then but there is usually still lots of tomatoes to do. Anyone who wants to come and can with me is quite welcome! I would love to have company and canning is better with someone else.


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