Saturday, September 4, 2010


Last weekend we took a trip to Yellowstone. My sister and her husband have worked there for a past few summers. We were able to go visit them and get into the park for free. It was nice to visit my sister and her husband as I don't get to see them much. Other then that, it wasn't the greatest trip. The kids were grumpy from being in the car all day, it was cold and rainy, and I got the worst migraine I have ever had. Migraines are rare for me but this was the most intense pain I have ever had. I told Ben it was worse then child birth. It hit me out of nowhere and after a few hours and a nap it was gone almost as suddenly. It was very strange. All in all though, I am glad we went. We did get a few nice pictures::

Old Faithful
Notice the nice blue sky, this was in the morning.

Old Faithful the 2nd time
Now see how dark and stormy the sky is

We drove around and saw some other springs, geysers, and Mud pots. I don't remember specifically which ones. The rain would stop while we were in the car but would start again as soon as we got out to look around. At least this is how it seemed. When we stopped at Grand Prismatic (picture bottom right) it really started raining hard. A few of us decided to walk around anyway. We got completely soaked and couldn't see much because of all the rain.

We stopped at West Thumb and Hotel Yellowstone

Ben and a few others went to Canyon to see the waterfall. No pictures were taken and it was while I was napping. We saw a nice Bison close up. We also saw a grizzly bear (it was too far away for a good pic).

My dad was towing sisters broken van back home. We had to stop to get it on the trailer better shortly after starting for home. It took a while and Heber entertained himself by throwing rocks into the puddles from the previous days rain. 

It didn't take him long to discover how fun it was to jump over the puddles. Fortunately he only chose the small ones to jump over.

Maybe next time the weather will be nice (it was raining and cold last summer when we went to visit my sister as well) but until then.....

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