Saturday, September 18, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

OK... This is a little late but oh well, here it is anyway.

We went down to Utah to visit Ben's family over Labor Day weekend. Things didn't work out as planned but it was still nice. It is always fun to visit (and get fruit from all of Ben's parents trees). Here are some pictures and such:

We picked apricots, plums, and berries. Eeva came out with me to get the back berries. I set her on the ground and she dove for the berries she could see. It was so funny and she got really messy, especially when she found the plum.

all cleaned up

We had a nice dinner with produce from our garden and had a nice chat while the kids were playing.

We went on a walk one day

and a hike the next. The hike was about 4 miles and went to a pass that overlooked Twin Lake in the next canyon over. I carried Eeva the entire way (this girl is getting heavy) and I was so tired by the end.
There were old mine remains
and a small little cave. I asked Heber if he wanted to go in and he said "No, its took scary. I want to just look at it though.

Thanks Dave & Marilynn for always putting up with us- sleeping at your house, eating all the food, and taking your fruit. I couldn't ask for letter in-laws! You have always been so kind and accepting of me. Also Thanks for raising a great son. He is an exceptional husband and father.

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jen madsen said...

thanks so much for the garden dinner. It was very yummy!

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